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Endpoint protection is what helps prevent targeted attacks and APTs
 ( advanced persistent threats), which can't be prevented using antivirus solutions alone. Endpoint protection solutions provide enterprises with a full spectrum of security solutions that can be managed centrally and which helps secure endpoints- servers, workstations etc connected to endpoints, plus the many endpoint devices.

What is Endpoint Protection?

Endpoint protection refers to the security solutions that are used to address issues pertaining to endpoint security. Thus, it can be defined as securing and protecting endpoints against all kinds of attacks, zero-day exploits and those inadvertent data leakages that happen due to human errors.

Today’s malware is engineered to get past antivirus. Don’t wait for a breach to happen.¬†Fileless attacks represent 70% of successful endpoint infections, and are becoming a popular delivery vector for ransomware payloads.

Traditional endpoint protection focuses on files only and leaves businesses exposed to fileless attacks and exploits. Businesses need stronger protection to prevent revenue and data loss, operating downtime, and reputation damage.

Our Promise

  • Exploits
  • Zero-day malware
  • Ransomware
  • Drive-by-downloads
  • Malvertising attacks
  • Fileless malware