Proactive IT Technical Services



We tailor our cloud solutions for each client in order to yield the best results while staying within budget. Mix and match any of our cloud offerings

What is the Cloud?

At the simplest level, cloud computing is an efficient way to consolidate all of your IT services (desktops, servers, data, emails, VoIP/telephony services, websites, databases, etc…) in a centralized facility, and making those services securely available worldwide over the Internet to any authorized individual

PROACTIVE IT enable businesses to rapidly transition to the cloud and reap the benefits without capital costs or the many logistical issues associated with building and maintaining your own secure, highly available network. Our flexible per-user billing policy ensures that staff turnover isn’t a hassle and that you never pay for more than you use. Working on our cloud comes with the assurance of industry-standard security measures and encryption of data in transit, as well as continuous data protection, easy access via any Internet-connected device, and priority technical support.

Our Promise

  • Cut software costs
  • Keep your data in one place and access it from anywhere 24×7
  • Eliminate time and dollar investments
  • Exercise complete control of your data, emails and files
  • Rapidly add new users, services and storage
  • Break boundaries

Run your favorite Windows program from your Mac, Flash videos on your iPad, or Microsoft Office on your Android device – none of which is possible with traditional computing