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ProActive IT Technical Services supports Small & Medium sized businesses to provide proven cyber security and technical services at a reasonable cost. The services we offer include remote managed security, comprehensive network management and optimization, managed telephony services and comprehensive cloud service management.

We believe that, no matter what size of business you have, you should have reliable, knowledgeable and experienced support for the technology that runs it. We support all business platforms, software, hardware and peripherals, as well as any other technology-related needs you require: from setting up, through improvements, securing and enhancing, to repairs and support. Let us take care of your IT outsourcing needs, and you’ll see why ProActive IT consultants are so well respected and indemand.

Our mission is to effectively and efficiently provide access to and availability of IT support services to the satisfaction of all our customers by offering an informative and supportive first point of contact, and to assist all our clients in making the best use of technology in their business roles.

About Us: Our Vision

Our vision is to provide a customer-focused, single point of contact for IT services, taking ownership of issues and requests, making the best use of people and tools and delivering useful, friendly support and advice to all clients.

PROACTIVE IT Services Academy is designed to provide businesses and entrepreneurs with real-world learning experiences by offering relevant, high quality and innovative programs that serve our community and advance the personal growth and professional development of individuals in business.

“Nearly 60% of North Americans use three or more Internet-connected devices at home across three different operating systems. With so many gadgets connected to online marketplaces, credit-card and Social Security and Social Insurance numbers, banking information, passwords, family photos and more accumulate in places you might not expect.”

(Avoid ID theft and protect personal data when getting rid of a gadget.)

“Software updates often fix security problems, so download updates as soon as they become available. To make this easier, more software programs–including Windows, Office, Flash, Java and Adobe Acrobat—now offer options to download and install updates automatically; these can generally be accessed through ‘Settings’ or ‘Preferences.'” 

California SBDC

The pay-off from all the hard work.

There is great satisfaction in knowing you’ve done your job well and served your clients’ interests. It gives us particular satisfaction when our clients take the time to acknowledge their satisfaction by providing ProActive IT with their testimonials.

“ProActive IT Technical Services has provided Specialty Wealth & Financial with worry free, efficient technical support and consulting services.  They are proactive in preventing problems from occurring and we know that if a problem does happen we have fast, effective support.  If you do identify a service issue, they will listen and implement corrective action to ensure you do not experience such an issue again.  We are confident and satisfied with the services provided by ProActive IT Technical Services and recommend this technology partner.”
Specialty Wealth & Financial
ProActive IT has been a tremendous help with our twin business locations. They have made our business more efficient, and we know we have fast and effective support if we have any technical problems with our phones or computers. I highly recommend ProActive IT for your IT needs.
Mark is very knowledgeable and has many years of solid IT experience. He has a very friendly and professional personality. I enjoyed working with Mark. He is also a true leader has a great time management and people skills. His knowledge of Managed IT,  Cloud Back-up, VOIP, Hardware and Software installation, etc. is incredible. I highly recommend his services and ProActive IT.
Reema Chopra
Chief Communications Officer
White Antelope

Our Expertise


A great support team of experts that respond fast and can take care of your desktops, mobile devices, printers, and office IT needs. With a single phone call you can ensure your data is protected.

Simplifying IT to help businesses reach and surpass their goals.  Growing businesses require the latest technology and IT support to function efficiently and keep up with the competition. For small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) like yours, it can be difficult to manage the ongoing cost of technology and the support needed to use and maintain it.

Have your applications running in a safe and reliable 100% Canadian Private Cloud, with superior levels of control and security. Our Private Cloud is engineered for enterprise applications, and designed for corporate customers.

Our Services


At ProActive IT Technical Services we only use the best possible partners and software to ensure your data and your networks are protected. An online backup service is one of the best ways to protect yourself against the loss of precious data, whether as a result of a crashed hard drive or an unintentional deletion  


We provide VoIP phone services to meet and exceed the expectations of your business. Our VoIP plans are all inclusive and include such features as:
-Auto Attendant
-Call Hunting
-Ring back and much more


The term “virtual CIO” is synonymous with “outsourced CIO,” as the function is sometimes called. However, “outsourced CIO” more often refers to outsourced chief investment officers. In addition, a virtual CIO may be referred to as a “Functional” who provides his or her services for a fraction of the time and cost that a full-time CIO requires. Under all three terms, CIO is considered to be a part-time function rather than a full-time position. 


We are at your service 24/7 with unlimited support for any of your infrastructure-related issues. Service requests are recorded into our ticketing system, where they are monitored to ensure a quick response and rapid resolution. Our Managed IT Services let you outsource the daily grind of managing your own IT. In other words, we maintain and resolve any issues you have with your servers, network, workstations, phone systems and, most importantly, your data.


ProActive IT enables businesses to rapidly transition to the Cloud and reap the benefits without capital costs or the many logistical issues associated with building and maintaining your own secure, highly available network.


Our Firewall Management service provides 24/7 firewall administration, log monitoring and response to security and device health events. When a threat is detected, our experts respond immediately to counter the threat and protect your organization.


Why Choose Us?

We have been helping Canadian businesses grow by handling their technology needs through Cloud Solutions and Managed IT Services.

Our core values – Knowledge, Responsiveness, and Honesty – serve as fundamental beliefs that dictate our behaviour actions, and are aligned around customer requirements so that we continually anticipate, meet and exceed client expectations in a delightful way.

“Don’t share your device with others. Since you can’t set separate passwords on your mobile device, like you can when logging into computers, it’s best not to share your device with anyone.” – INUIT

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